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Online Training effective communication skills

Bijgewerkt op: 24 nov. 2020

We now offer Feedback training, voice and speech training and virtual communication online!

ZOOM gives you a 1-to-1 customized session with one of our senior trainers.

Mail to for more info or direct booking.

Training offers:

Use Your Voice is intended for people who want to work on their voice and persuasiveness. In terms of content, you are already strong and well-prepared. But is the delivery just as powerful, and do you know how to convey that convincingly? The emphasis is primarily on your use of voice. Through feedback and targeted exercises you learn how to use your voice better and speak more powerfully. In addition, attention is also paid to the message that you want to convey. You bridge the distance between you and the other with speech and voice. That distance varies: at the meeting table this is different than on the podium for 100 people. So you have to adapt based on each situation. There are three basic elements: is it heard (voice)? Is it understood (speech)? Is the message personal and credible (content)? We will get started with this. Aspects to work on: self-assurance, relaxation, intelligibility, coming across more powerfully, increasing the impact of the message and inspiration.

In addition to the 'Use your voice' training we attend to the matter of virtual communication. e.g. How do I come across when I am only heard, and not seen? How do I check if my message gets across if I cannot see my 'audience'?

Feedback training

Giving and receiving feedback is easier than it’s made out to be – when we practice it effectively and with the right intention. When we do that as close to the moment when something happens, we tackle issues before they spiral out of control. We’re also able to compliment in a way that really lands. The result is constructive collaboration and growth in ourselves & our relationships. During this module we work on our ability to confront and communicate boundaries clearly while dealing with resistance in ourselves and the people with which we’re interacting. That begins with tossing out our personal agenda, stepping out of our head and being present with what is happening in the moment. Full understanding makes it possible to react with clarity to colleagues, partners & customers. We also practice receiving feedback to cultivate an open environment & understand how to improve, no matter our position.

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